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20 Oct

Holiday Parties

The holidays are already upon us!  With the joy of the season also comes the stress of planning holiday parties, on top of buying gifts, decorating, planning travel (or planning for numerous guests), getting your holiday menus together and (if you live in Colorado) the dreaded winter driving.

Let’s talk Halloween!  We have a wide variety of colors for linens, so you don’t have to stick to black and orange.  Check out Pinterest or Martha Stewart’s website for great ideas and easy DIY projects to make it a little more fun and creative.  We also carry plates, flatware and glassware so no huge cleanup at the end of the night!  Just rinse them off and stick them back in the provided racks.  Same thing with the linens- just strip them off the tables and shove them in the provided laundry bags.  Easy!

You are welcome to come by and pickup your order if desired, we even load your vehicle for you!  We also will deliver for a nominal fee.  Please call for a delivery quote as this is going to be based on several different factors.

We also make it easy to order, you can order right here on the website and we will write it up and email it over to you to confirm that all desired equipment is in stock or you can call one of our friendly sales people at 303-936-0794.  Easy!

We believe that everyone should be able to have a party without having to take out a second mortgage, so we have worked hard to keep out prices low and our equipment top notch!  Many of our employees have been with Chair Rental for several years, so we have tons of experience with many different types of events.  We encourage all of our clients to ask questions, we want your event to be successful!

So call or email us today!




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