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14 Jan

Wedding Bliss

Hi Guys! In case you were worried- I survived 2014 “The Summer of Weddings”! I apologize for not keeping up with my shenanigans of wedding attending and planning, but as you can imagine I got pretty crazed there for a bit. I would love to talk WEDDING and discuss all the GREAT information and tricks I came across! Being a bridesmaid twice, a MOH once and a Bride -all in one wedding season has definitely given me a unique perspective on the process.

*As promised I am going to talk CENTERPIECES*

Why Worry About Centerpieces?

Worry may be too strong a word, but couples should really give some thought to their choice of wedding table centerpieces. During the reception, your guests will be spending much of their time seated around dining tables. When they are not dancing or moving through the receiving lines, guests will be seated at table eating, drinking, and generally enjoying the company of friends and family. With so much time spent gathered around these dining tables, it is important to create a pleasant and festive table side atmosphere. Table centerpieces help to create that atmosphere, and give couples a wonderful opportunity to inject their own personalities into the décor of the reception hall. Wedding table centerpieces can take many different forms, from flower arrangements to a cluster of mirrors and candles; from fruit baskets to elegantly arranged tea cakes. The only limit is your imagination.

There are a number of things couples need to consider when choosing their table centerpieces. First, and foremost, is budget. Using your guest list, decide how many tables will be needed for your reception, and how much money you can allow for each centerpiece. It is also important to consider how many guests will be seated at each table, and how much table space can be given over to the centerpiece. Keeping the comfort of your guests in mind, avoid centerpieces that take up too much space, and steer clear of designs that may obstruct your guest’s view of the dance floor or force them to crane their necks to hold conversations across the table. If you are holding your reception in a dimly lit environment, you may want to include candles or tea lights in your centerpieces to create accent lighting at your guest’s tables. For receptions that are being held out of doors, keep in mind that some centerpieces may be subject to the elements. For example, if you are planning a summer wedding, edible arrangements of fruits and chocolates will suffer in the heat.

Coordinate With Your Venue

Before settling on any final design choices for your table centerpieces, be sure to check with the management of the venue you have booked for your reception. Some hired venues have restrictions on open flames, or on using breakable glass in wedding decorations. In which case, you may have to adjust your plans accordingly. You should also confirm set-up times with your hired venue, to ensure that you have ample time beforehand to set up your tablescapes. And don’t forget to find out who is responsible for clean up after the reception.

Table centerpieces can take many forms, and are the perfect opportunity for couples to express themselves through their wedding décor, While traditional flower arrangements remain a popular choice, many couples are now opting for more distinctive centerpiece designs incorporating their shared interests and enthusiasms. Today, you may find unique centerpieces created around flowers or fruit; rocks or rock candy; candles or cupcakes. The choices are endless, and the only limitation is your imagination. When planning your wedding reception, let the table centerpieces speak for you, and choose a design that reflects both of your personalities.


10519730_10104166300407481_1370440211062200455_n    *Cali’s centerpieces from her wedding in Vail this past July.  She had  succulents arranged with personalized guest tags. It fit the venue and the rustic theme. The greenery from the plant paired nicely with her vases too!*

Next week- Wedding Prep Checklist

“Style is saying who you are without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

<3 Meagan

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